The Cockwhisperer — A Love Story

SEPT 16 & 17th 8pm

Tickets $15  905-529-3000

From the Creator of the Canadian Comedy Award Nominated Tippi Seagram’s Happy Hour and Who’s Afraid of Tippi Seagram? comes something different…‘The Cock Whisperer’. The Story of one woman’s quest to find the love and the penis of her dreams. A phallic journey both humorous and dark.

Some nice things the Critics have said about ‘The Cockwhisperer-A Love Story’


‘The masterful storyteller brings a laugh a line from the get go,until she masters a dramatic mood change.  Her storytelling is self-deprecating,honest,painful and hilarious all over the course of the hour.’


‘hilarious and haunting.’


 The saucily titled The Cockwhisperer-A Love story from Colette Kendall who bares all her insecurities and experiences in her search for love and other things. It always amazes me how an artist can get up on stage and bare his or her soul and Colette does that in spades. Very Funny,Very Moving.


“You guys laughed too much,” complained Colette Kendall,after the applause had died down. The audience’s boisterous hoots and snorts made Kendall’s show run into overtime,forcing her to rush through the poignant moral of the otherwise saucily timed cock-tale. Though it starts as a series of dick-in-mouth witticisms,it promptly develops into a women’s quest to navigate relationships via the penis. She quickly learned as a young girl that “sexual knowledge and virtue was going to be a slippery slope.” It’s a slope that eventually leads to an unexpectedly dark place that shakes the audience to silence. Both funny and striking,among the dick jokes,The Cockwhisperer is truly a story about what it means to love.


‘…edgy,flat-out funny monologue. This Hamilton housewife and mother to three has a unique comic-theatrical delivery that pushes the limits of taste without being offensive – although,she won’t spare your blushes’


 Colette Kendall isn’t a drag queen anymore—at least not on this Fringe tour. In previous years,Kendall has appeared as her bewigged,martini-swilling alter ego,Tippi Seagram. This time around,the Ontario mom’s performance is more naked,metaphorically speaking. In The Cockwhisperer’s mix of standup and stories,she still speaks audaciously about sex…but she also talks about the darkness of being sexually dominated. Tippi’s great,but Colette without the wig is more compelling—and funnier—because she cuts deeper.


Men beware,this play might offend your tender Victorian senses! The powerful coming-of-age story of Colette Kendall is an austere expose of growing up as a young,protestant,naive-but-burgeoning woman in the late 1970s and an emerging love of,well,you know. This one-woman show is honest,revealing and will have you laughing from the moment the lights dim to the moment you leave. But don’t be fooled;it’s not all fun and games. Serious moments are interwoven to create a well-rounded and empowered performance.  One warning to anyone who likes to sit in the front row:Kendall will interact with you,which is hilarious if you’re in the mood. From the creator of the Canadian Comedy Award-nominated Tippi Seagram’s Happy Hour and Who’s Afraid of Tippi Seagram?,Kendall delivers a show that will make you laugh from the bottom of your belly with her unforgettable stories.

The Calgary Herald Review

Canadian Voices
Fringe Review:The C–kwhisperer–A Love Story
Four stars/5 starssmart,funny,one-woman show,which explores Kendall’s search for love and penises. Kendall  is a solid writer and strong performer. With the C–kwhisperer–A Love Story,she has found a wonderful connecting thread with which to tell the story of the main men in her life.

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