Our Deepest Gratitude!

On behalf of Hugh MacLeod, Kathy Garneau and myself I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the members of our Staircase Family for the love and support that you showed us during our application for the minor variance in parking.
We are pleased to announce that we went before committee last Thursday and with a few provisions, the ruling was favorable and generous.   It’s business as usual once more!

There were so many people that were instrumental in seeing that the outcome was successful that it was overwhelming. The petition was signed by numerous supporters, performers, families, friends, patrons of the arts and health and wellness.  Heartfelt letters were sent by many community members indicating their involvement with the Staircase over the years and what it’s meant to them. The local arts community made their voices heard to support this little slice in the bigger arts pie.  Facebook action groups were started to rally performers together. The news was spread far and wide through social networking and the media. Local ward 1 councillor Brian McHattie and Strathcona Community President, Dawn Graham spoke for the Strathcona community as a whole.  Neighbour Michael Marion added constructive input and continued backing.  Die hard supporters, Mariane Daly, Devlin Bishop, Matthew Surina, Paul Boychuk  joined us in person last Thursday at City Hall to show their love and have a voice. To each and every one of you that went that extra mile to be heard we thank you! Your continued support throughout the years is what has made the Staircase the type of community venue it is and now, how it will continue to remain for years to come.

Thank you!

Colette Kendall


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