Nov 1st 7-9pm Cheryl Suitor Art Launch ‘Dancing in the Rain’

“Dancing in the Rain”
Paintings by Cheryl Suitor

OPENING NOVEMBER 1 2010 7-9 p.m.

Cheryl Suitor is a Hamilton area artist, who has recently returned to painting after
a time focussed upon raising a family and learning from her children the difficult
task of not merely trying to survive but, as the saying goes to “Dance in the Rain”.
This expression is never more true for this artist than when she is painting and
playing music.  Many people, especially in Hamilton at this time are having to face
and find a way to survive some very tough times.  “Dancing in the Rain” is an
expression of Cheryl’s journey through her art to go beyond survival to holding
true to her unique spiritual dance.  Hopefully it will be of some encouragement to
others to live true to their heart, not to be defeated, but to see the larger picture and
to carry on in their own unique way.  This world, our community and our families
can only benefit if in the toughest of times we still look for what is good, stand
with all the strength we can muster and fight despair, work for change, and refuse
to allow our inner spirit to be extinguished.

Cheryl Suitor will also be contributing two paintings and a poem on the subject of
War and Peace to a Show on “War” at Gallery 435 (435 Barton Street East  in
Hamilton) opening on Thursday November 11 at 5:30 p.m.

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