Much Better

This looks a lot more like a web page now. There is still lots to do. Especially in the area of membership and volunteerism. A cafe menu is required. Hopefully from this point we will be able to post interesting shows in here, rather than blathers about the rather painless construction of a community theatre web site. I am still waiting for the calendar to arrive by email. That is kinda crazy. There calendar you see hear is simply a place holder. Has some neat features, but not not good enough for handling the number and diversity of staircase bookings. For your patience I have included this sweet political parody youtube (yes I am just testing video insertion)

OMIGOD!! They killed Vipers Video Quicktags. Arrrrrrrgh!

It is also worth noting that Google Java implementation wrecks the calendar on the page as well. Google analytics breaks shashin and highslide as well.  So no analytics yet.

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