“Macbeth, an executive’s barbarous rise up the corporate ladder, while tragic, reveals compelling consequences.
William Shakespeare’s Macbeth is brought to the twenty first century, with acts of villainy and witchcraft taking place in the modern corporate world. The stage is set, and the ingredients provided, to spark one’s deep rooted insanity.”

Thurs Nov 29 8pm

Fri Nov 30 8pm

Sat Dec 1 8pm

Thurs Dec 6 8pm

Fri Dec 7 8pm

Sat Dec 8 3pm

Sat Dec 8 8pm

Tickets $15 each email or phone: 289-442-2266,

Directed by Peter Anderson and Tyler Brent

Cast In order of appearance:

Annie McLean – First Witch
Teresa Janes – Second Witch
Michael Zimmerman – Third Witch and Second Murderer
Ron Collingwood -Bar patron
Jim Jeffrey Bar patron
Steve O’Brien – Duncan, Macduff and First Murderer
Nick Kozij – Malcolm, Fleance, Son, and Seyton
Tyler Brent – Sergeant, Doctor, and Siward
Aha Blume – Ross, Porter, Attendant
Peter Anderson – Macbeth and Third Murderer
William LeGood – Banquo and Servant
Laura Ellis – Lady Macbeth
Justine Dennis – Servant
Theresa Cooke – Hecate, Lady Macduff and Gentlewoman

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