HOW WE FIRST MET by Jill Bourque

HOW WE FIRST MET is an uplifting, one-of-a-kind theatrical experience that has enchanted audiences worldwide since 2001. In each performance of HOW WE FIRST MET our host Devlin Bishop, interviews couples live on stage about their coupling while a team of brilliant improvisors transform pivotal moments from each real-life romantic rendezvous into improvised
sketches. Since its start, the show has featured a range of couples, gay, straight, conservative, liberal, married 50 years, and dating three weeks, all sharing a kooky crazy thing called Love.
Tickets $16 each, 2 for $30 or part of THE LOVE BUNDLE 2 shows for 2, $50




2 Shows for 2 only $50

Enjoy 2 Stellar shows that will make you fall in love all over again Valentine week! This Love Bundle won’t keep you up at night crying or make you change its’ diaper….unless that’s what you’re into!!!
The Feel good show of the year, HOW WE FIRST MET by Jill Bourque (Tues Feb 14, 8pm) and the laugh out loud, critically acclaimed THE COCKWHISPERER-A LOVE STORY
The perfect Valentine’s gift that has something for both him and her?..Love, Laughter and the Penis
…the Vue Edmonton calls it ‘ truly a story about what it means to love’
(Feb 16-18, 23 & 25 8pm) 905-529-3000 .

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