HFF (Feature): Lucky Seven, Sat 9:30pm Theatre B

Leaving town was easy…coming back was murder.

This gritty neo-noir film is set in Hamilton featuring all the beauty and darkness the city offers up. dir. Stephen Hayes”Lucky 7″ is set in Hamilton where the Mob families that run the Province are jockeying for power in a changing landscape. Patrick Farley (Lucky 7) had left town years ago to keep a secret safe for the family, and no one could know anything about it. That’s the way the Mob wanted it as part of the deal to keep Lucky’s fathers name intact and the family still in control of The Emerald Isle Club.

Nine years later and thought to be dead, Lucky 7 has the money to set things right with mob boss Lucano, but when an old acquaintance, The Reverend, arranges a meeting for Lucky 7 to pay back his debt, things don’t go quite according to plan.

His mob debt isn’t the only one Lucky 7 has to pay when he gets back to town. The other debt is to his family for leaving them without a word. The family runs The Emerald Isle Club, the old pub Lucky’s dad started in the 50’s, and that’s the first place Lucky heads to upon his return. His brothers Brian and Alan are quick to accept him back but an old love named Sharon isn’t quite so ready. Neither is Frankie, Lucky’s younger brother who has committed himself to a life of crime.

Below the Emerald Isle Club is a storefront church where Lucky 7 falls for Julia, a beautiful organist who plays there and a few other places in town. Julia doesn’t care about his past and is only concerned about the here and now and she is willing to risk everything to help Lucky clear his name. The fire that burns within her helps light his way back home.

Can Lucky come to terms with choices he made in the past and build a better future?


Director Stephen Hayes and several cast / crew will be in attendance for a Q&A after the film

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