DIY filmmaker Sean MacPherson’s lo-fi, no-budget, labor of love and hate, HAPPY TO BE HERE is going on tour across Canada!

A sort-of heart warming feature film about passive aggression, having a nice day and forgetting the names of your family members, Happy to be Here is the story of Dorian Winters, who, after his father Butch suffers a massive stroke and donates his life savings to a seemingly illegitimate dolphin charity, embarks on a journey to discover the challenges of making peace with one’s family and finding the true meaning of happiness…

A feature film shot on a budget of 1500.00 in a 400 square ft apartment, Happy to be Here was shot in truly independent fashion. And what a ride so far. From oysters and grey goose at the CANNES 2009, to rejection and tap water, the film and filmmaker have been on a wild roller coaster for the last two years…

Finally fed up with the “independent” film system, the filmmaker is embarking on a self-funded film tour across Canada – screening in the Hammer Sat July 3rd!!!

Staircase theatre!!! Sat July 3 @8pm!!! Director in attendance!!!

Come out and support real independent film!

It’s Hammer time….

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