HAMMER NIGHT LIVE! This Thursday Aug 29th…check out the new promo!


Click here on the following link  for instant entertainment and a calvacade of information

about this months HNL!  HAMMER NIGHT LIVE PROMO

Here’s the line-up!


1. Zak McDonald
2. Jesse Donato
3. Maggie Pettit
4. Craig F. Watkins
5. Mike Demissie
6. Eric Johnston

Sketch Troupe The Jimi Boys!

Musical Act: Daddy Lion and the Dandy Long legs!!

Hosted by: Paul Boychuk and Matthew Surina!

“Like” the HNL fb new page to win prizes, free tickets, and learn about new lineups sooner than everyone else.

Contact Paul Boychuk or Matthew Surina for tickets. $5 at the door!

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