Devlin’s Retro Cool TV Night Fri Mar 4th 8pm then stick around for Karaoke with Kim!!!

“Devlin’s Retro Cool TV Night”

Tired of sitting home alone and watching television all by yourself well join Devlin Bishop for a FREE evening of classic sitcoms! Escape the complex trappings of modern life and relive the magic of those situation comedies that resolved every problem in less than 22 minutes! The best part besides being FREE is to see them for the first time on the big screen! No Remakes ! No Reboots ! The actual vintage masterpieces without the annoying commerical breaks! This March, break out of the winter blahs with a vacation themed night featuring The Flintstones, The Brady Bunch, The Golden Girls and Three’s Company!
Relive your youth or discover the classics for one night only!
And don’t forget to stay for Karaoke with Kim in the cafe that night as well!

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