The Devlin Monologues: The Fruit Of Their Loins
Hamilton’s Best Kept Secret is back!
Devlin Bishop returns to the Staircase stage on Friday May 25 2012 with a brand new comedy show that mixes stand up, improvisation and good old fashioned storytelling! The Devlin Monologues: The Fruit Of Their Loins deals with a topic which we can all relate to, Our Parents! Devlin pays loving tribute to his dad and mom Stanley and Inge Bishop with a hilarious evening of stories recalling his upbringing, their dysfunctional child raising techniques and personal triumphs and tragedies throughout their lives! It will make you laugh and maybe even touch your heart!
Devlin Bishop has been part of the Hamilton comedy scene for over a decade now as a performer and teacher of Staircase Improv. He starred and produced the very popular Devlin Show and has been featured in many Staircase productions including How We First Met, Santa Survivor, Psychobabble, Crazy Eights and many more! Last year he debuted his first Devlin Monologues show and he brought the house down and now he’s back to follow it up with the second installment.
You don’t want to miss this show, it’s a one night event that shouldn’t be missed. The show does feature adult content so it is not recommended for the very young. Find out what everybody is talking about and come see Devlin take on a very personal topic with a warm sense of humour, lots of pop culture references, and candid and emotional moments that may take you back to your own past!
Friday May 25 2012
Tickets $ 10
Reservations recommended

Call 905 – 529-3000

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