Announcement, Birthday, Science Fiction

Hello MacCloud Server! is pretty old for a webpage. It started around 1996 when the concept of putting a community based theatre and cafe into a desolate hydro transformer substation. The page has always been there. It has lived on the now defunct Hamilton free net. It has been housed on a server at the staircase itself. This had to stop because Cogeco kept cutting the cable line to the building. has lived the longest on a bare metal server in Philadelphia. Today we move to a cloud server. It will be painful. Not so much because of the cloud but because of janky wordpress legacies and this operator’s history of last minute survival data management.

Moving a web page to a new server is like moving a house toΒ  a new foundation. Except all the contents of the house are still in the house and cannot be disturbed. πŸ™‚