8pm Frankenprov (Night of the Monster)-9pm Jekyl and Hyde Stand up Thurs Oct 28

8pm FRANKENPROV-Night of the Monster written by Nicholas Corkigian Tickets $10

What is so funny about Halloween anyways? Well Staircase Improv’s story skeletons certainly are. Frankenprov is an improvised comedy show where audience input decides the fate of a scientist and his monster. This parody of the famous Mary Shelly classic “Frankenstein” will keep you on the edge of your funny bone in a hour where everything from the famous thriller will be twisted by audience suggestions and the special madness that is Staircase Improv. Our famous Halloween show is safe for all ages, however unexpected immature adult topics could occur without warning.

9pm JEKYL AND HYDE COMEDY…5 Comedians will turn on the charm and do their best clean sets only to return to make you blush

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