Jun 162010

Killer Johnnie's presents The Staircase Theatre Comedy Open Mic

Word is starting to catch on that Every Thursday night 9pm is the night to get your laugh on.  Beginners, Amateurs and Professionals take to the cafe stage  to push the comedy envelope in the Hammer with their original written materials. So bring a friend, grab a cheap beer and laugh, cringe or get up on stage yourself and celebrate the good, bad and ugly of the Hamilton Comedy Scene!!  Hosted by the lovely and talented Clifford Myers and the slightly hairer Colette Kendall.

To sign up

10  (7min) spots are available weekly first come, first signed up.  Out of town comics contact colettekendall@gmail.com to pre-book the first available slot.


  1. I work tonight until midnight but any other time I would be more than interested. Thank you.

  2. Hey, I’m a Hamilton amateur comic hoping to see if I could get a set on one of the open mic nights, my name is Darcy Curran. You can reach me via email darcycurran1@gmail.com. Thanks for reading.

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