Oct 102013


We’ve been really busy updating the website with our 100 film line-up! 

Individual tickets and the full line-up are online now!

Each program will have a price next to the time so you’ll have an idea what you will be paying. 

Our prices haven’t changed in years.

For the first time, we are offering limited festival passes. 

An All Access pass for $75 (value $112) and a Pick7 pass at $40 (value $56)

There are only 20 each and they will remain on the site until sold out. 


We have a huge selection of local movies and a great handful of International selections. 

Kids, youth, student, comedy, drama, experimental, documentary, music videos,horror, panel discussion, gala, awards…


Held annually during the first full week in November at the historic Staircase Theatre,  

The Hamilton Film Festival is a juried selection of local and international indie films. 

The HFF is one of the most respected festivals in the GTHA .

We take a grassroots and friendly approach when dealing with the filmmakers.

HFF winners are often provided with encore screenings throughout the

year in various locations, furthering the exposure of your films.

We are operating two theatres in High Definition and as always,

we are inside the historic Staircase Theatre!


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