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Staircase Super Sunday (26-Feb)

This weekend we are taking the Oscars head on! Free admission to improv comedy show for anyone who pays full freight ($4) for Science Fiction Sunday.

A Scanner Darkly 2pm

Sci Fi Sunday will play A Scanner Darkly! Starring everyone from Robert Downey Jr. to Alex Jones. Bathe yourself in the engineered paranoia drug addled super surveillance. Kinda like Bill C-30 on steroids or substance D if you wish. We conveniently arranged for the Oscars to start later this year. Catch Sci Fi Sunday at 2pm this Sun-26-Feb. $4/2




improv comedy show 8pm

improv comedy show. a show with improvised comedy. comedy that is made up based on audience suggestions. even the show format is chosen by the audience. the show is about 70 minutes long. admission is “pay what you think its worth.” check out Hamilton’s newest stage The Elaine Mae Theatre.


THE COCKWHISPERER-A LOVE STORY…Last Two Shows Limited Tickets Only!

From the Creator of the Canadian Comedy Award Nominated Tippi Seagram’s Happy Hour and Who’s Afraid of Tippi Seagram? comes something different… ‘The Cock Whisperer’.

The Story of one woman’s quest to find the love and the penis of her dreams. A phallic journey both humorous and dark.







Some nice things the Critics have said about ‘The Cockwhisperer-A Love Story’


‘The masterful storyteller brings a laugh a line from the get go, until she masters a dramatic mood change.  Her storytelling is self-deprecating, honest, painful and hilarious all over the course of the hour.’


‘hilarious and haunting.’

 The saucily titled The Cockwhisperer-A Love story from Colette Kendall who bares all her insecurities and experiences in her search for love and other things. It always amazes me how an artist can get up on stage and bare his or her soul and Colette does that in spades. Very Funny, Very Moving.


“You guys laughed too much,” complained Colette Kendall, after the applause had died down. The audience’s boisterous hoots and snorts made Kendall’s show run into overtime, forcing her to rush through the poignant moral of the otherwise saucily timed cock-tale. Though it starts as a series of dick-in-mouth witticisms, it promptly develops into a women’s quest to navigate relationships via the penis. She quickly learned as a young girl that “sexual knowledge and virtue was going to be a slippery slope.” It’s a slope that eventually leads to an unexpectedly dark place that shakes the audience to silence. Both funny and striking, among the dick jokes, The Cockwhisperer is truly a story about what it means to love.

Review Vancouver

‘…edgy, flat-out funny monologue. This Hamilton housewife and mother to three has a unique comic-theatrical delivery that pushes the limits of taste without being offensive – although, she won’t spare your blushes’

The Georgia Straight Review

 Colette Kendall isn’t a drag queen anymore—at least not on this Fringe tour. In previous years, Kendall has appeared as her bewigged, martini-swilling alter ego, Tippi Seagram. This time around, the Ontario mom’s performance is more naked, metaphorically speaking. In The Cockwhisperer’s mix of standup and stories, she still speaks audaciously about sex…but she also talks about the darkness of being sexually dominated. Tippi’s great, but Colette without the wig is more compelling—and funnier—because she cuts deeper.

4 Stars/5 Winnipeg Sun

 Men beware, this play might offend your tender Victorian senses!
The powerful coming-of-age story of Colette Kendall is an austere expose of growing up as a young, protestant, naive-but-burgeoning woman in the late 1970s and an emerging love of, well, you know.
This one-woman show is honest, revealing and will have you laughing from the moment the lights dim to the moment you leave. But don’t be fooled; it’s not all fun and games. Serious moments are interwoven to create a well-rounded and empowered performance.  One warning to anyone who likes to sit in the front row: Kendall will interact with you, which is hilarious if you’re in the mood. From the creator of the Canadian Comedy Award-nominated Tippi Seagram’s Happy Hour and Who’s Afraid of Tippi Seagram?, Kendall delivers a show that will make you laugh from the bottom of your belly with her unforgettable stories.


The Calgary Herald Review

Canadian Voices
Fringe Review: The C–kwhisperer–A Love Story
Four stars/5 starssmart, funny, one-woman show, which explores Kendall’s search for love and penises. Kendall  is a solid writer and strong performer. With the C–kwhisperer–A Love Story, she has found a wonderful connecting thread with which to tell the story of the main men in her life.



 The Cockwhisperer – A Love Story (Highly Recommended)

Colette Kendall tells the story of her discovery of her sexuality, from awkward teenagehood to her present status as an adult. Through an abusive husband to his loving but sexually repressed best friend. This show is an anthem to sexual positivity told with humor and a sense of fun.


Over the last 11 days, Wilzie and I have seen 15 shows in total – and I am happy to report that most have been good.  A couple were “meh” and 2 were outstanding. I won’t go through every play we saw, but I will mention the 2 outstanding shows we were fortunate enough to see:  The Cockwhisperer – A Love Story. This was just one woman, Colette Kendall, talking.  Talking about her relationship to the Cock…  This was also a really funny show – until it wasn’t, and then you felt like you got punched in the gut. But it was phenomenal from start to finish.




HOW WE FIRST MET by Jill Bourque

HOW WE FIRST MET is an uplifting, one-of-a-kind theatrical experience that has enchanted audiences worldwide since 2001. In each performance of HOW WE FIRST MET our host Devlin Bishop, interviews couples live on stage about their coupling while a team of brilliant improvisors transform pivotal moments from each real-life romantic rendezvous into improvised
sketches. Since its start, the show has featured a range of couples, gay, straight, conservative, liberal, married 50 years, and dating three weeks, all sharing a kooky crazy thing called Love.
Tickets $16 each, 2 for $30 or part of THE LOVE BUNDLE 2 shows for 2, $50




2 Shows for 2 only $50

Enjoy 2 Stellar shows that will make you fall in love all over again Valentine week! This Love Bundle won’t keep you up at night crying or make you change its’ diaper….unless that’s what you’re into!!!
The Feel good show of the year, HOW WE FIRST MET by Jill Bourque (Tues Feb 14, 8pm) and the laugh out loud, critically acclaimed THE COCKWHISPERER-A LOVE STORY
The perfect Valentine’s gift that has something for both him and her?..Love, Laughter and the Penis
…the Vue Edmonton calls it ‘ truly a story about what it means to love’
(Feb 16-18, 23 & 25 8pm) 905-529-3000 .



A SECOND SHOW HAS NOW BEEN ADDED 9:30PM…the 8pm show has received tremendous support and is fully reserved…don’t miss out, Morgan has agreed to put on a second show at 9:30pm…RESERVE YOUR TICKETS NOW 905-529-3000

The Emergency Monologues is part stand up comedy and part storytelling about what it’s really like to be a paramedic.  No punches are pulled as he describes the horror and the hilarity of being the one people call when they are in need. These ‘needs’ span from, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up (because I’m soooo drunk)” to what you see on the news.  “Hilarious”, says EYE WEEKLY and NOW.  Check it out, you’ll see why The Emergency Monologues was chosen as The Audience Choice for Toronto’s SummerWorks Theatre Festival.

TICKETS 905-529-3000 OR $15 each


BOCCHE FRESCHE (FRESH MOUTHS)-A Celebration of Italian Canadian Stand-up

BOCCHE FRESCHE (or “Fresh Mouths”) is a comedy festival celebrating the most refreshing new voices in Italian Canadian stand-up comedy.

We premiered the show at Settimana Italiana in Montreal in the summer of 2010, and then at the Royal Cinema in Toronto this past December.

On February 5th, 2012, we are proud to bring the show to Staircase Theater in Hamilton!

Come laugh at first and second generation stories that we can all relate to.
Canadian Comedy Award winner SANDRA BATTAGLINI headlines
Just for Laughs festival favourite MARTHA CHAVES hosts
Russell Peters BFF winner JACK DANI is our Special Guest

plus performances by:
Great Canadian Laugh-off winner MARK DEBONIS
Cream of Comedy finalist MARCO BERNARDI
Montreal Fringe Festival favourite RAFFAELLA DIANA
The Specials’ PHIL LUZI
and West End Girls’ DANIELA SAIONI

We know it’s Super Bowl night… leave the football fans at home and bring the comedy fans to the Staircase!

Tickets are $15 advance at

or $20 at the door if we’re not sold out.

If the 7pm show sells out, we will add a 9pm show.

See our website: for comedian bios and full details.


SHIELDS JOHNSTON FIELDING featuring Ruth Pytka-Jones

Shields Johnston Fielding Trio offers mature writing:  layers of texture, time and harmony that never overshadow beautifully structured and accessible melodies.

Listeners will experience both new ideas and simple joy in the music and performance.

Johnston provides a beautiful sound and groove to support Shields’ harmonic textures and melodic lyricism.  Fielding shows sensitivity and effortless timekeeping in this setting.  We are somehow transported to a new and interesting place before we know it.

Tickets $10




Great Canadian burlesque presents: Girlesque at the Staircase

Experience a burlesque showcase of legends, icons and Hall of Famers- A showcase of decadence.

For the first time in Hamilton meet and greet with the First lady of burlesque April March, New York City ICONS and ranked in the world burlesque top 50- Darlinda just Darlinda, and Minnie Tonka, Canadian Hall of famer Tanya Cheex, Stars of Great Canadian burlesque Fionna Flauntit, Dolly Berlin, Chaos Divine, Vanity Boom and Esther Deville and hosted by The Phenom of the mind Mysterion-Canada`s Dr Burlesque.

Tickets $15 doors 9pm show 9:30 SHARP


The Staircase Newsletter-Jan/Feb

The results are in and 2011 was a Spectacular Year!

Hello Staircase Supporters,

2012 is shaping up to be a very busy year for us already with hundreds of stellar events on the books …but first we must give thanks to all of our volunteers, special event organizers, resident services and loyal patrons of the arts who helped make 2011 such a success not only for the Staircase but for all the artists who performed here.

Your continued support of Arts and Culture in Hamilton is much appreciated and allows us to continue to give back and incubate as many artists and endeavors as possible without government funding.  Your support truly overwhelmed us this year when we received both The Hamilton Spectator’s Reader’s Choice Award for Best Theatre and the Hamilton Music Industry Award for Theatre of the Year in 2011.  We are thankful and honoured by these community recognitions.

Our year ended on a high note at our Annual New Year’s Eve Party where we were able to be entertained with wonderful performances from some of the year’s past artists Annie Shaw, Jezebel Dupree, Dave Gould, AJ Haygarth and Djolei Justine Gogoua and her African Drum Ensemble.  Generous  community support for our gift bags was provided by local outstanding  business which we would like to support wholeheartedly namely because they are fantastic:


Cake and Loaf Bakery (Dundurn St S and Homewood)

The Button Pushers (119B Locke St S)

Thinkhaus (25 Dundurn st N)

Bonnies Bedroom & Green 4 U soy candles (Hamilton)

Cameron’s Brewing (Oakville)

(Performers EggZeppelin, Olga Barrios Dance, The Cockwhisperer-A Love Story, Staircase Improv)


Now on to 2012.  We have started off the year with some great additions to our theatre. We are pleased to welcome

BLACK BOX FIRE to our Resident Groups/Artists.  We have had the pleasure of working closely with this extremely professional, consistently polished and inventive Hamilton theatre collaborative for the past 3 years and look forward to fulfilling our common goal of supporting and developing local theatre/talent.  We will continue to support Black Box Fire’s productions including their Emerging Artists series which provides support to local playwrights wishing to mount their original works.  Details about EAS can be found online at  as well as Ticket and Performance details for their upcoming production


March 16-31

We are also thrilled to announce the official naming of our ancillary building at 25 Dundurn street which will now be known as THE PLAYHAUS.  The Playhaus will be home to both our newest staged area, THE ELAINE MAY THEATRE (EMT) as well as the makerspace collective of THINKHAUS on the upper level.  Currently  THE IMPROV COMEDY SHOW runs every Sunday Night at 8pm in the Elaine May Theatre.


So to all of you, we wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous 2012 and thank you deeply for your continued support and belief in this little theatre on Dundurn.


Colette Kendall

Executive Director

The Staircase




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improv comedy show starts Sun-8-Jan at 8pm

Brand New Stage!

improv comedy show is a comedy show that is improvised. The improv comedy show is more improvised than any other show you will ever see. Not only will all the scenes be improvised but so will the format. At the beginning of each show the audience will be able to choose the style of show they wish to see. Will it be a game laden high speed romp like Who’s Line Is It Anyways without any editing? Will it be an evening of quietly crafted scenes based on high brow audience suggestions? Some formats will be limited by resources, but the suggestions for style certainly will not be. improv comedy show is the Build-A-Bear of comedy theatre. It is not called Build-A-Bear theatre for legal reasons.

improv comedy show runs from Sun-8-January to Sun-29-April-2012.

We will be located in Hamilton’s newest Improv Comedy Theatre at 25 Dundurn St. North (Staircase South). Park in any of the three Staircase parking lots. Call 905.529.3000 for more information.

Shows start at 8pm and last approximately 70 minutes (starting January 8th).

Announcement, Comedy, Dance, Events, Music, Stand Up Comedy


Last year SOLD OUT quickly so don’t delay in reserving your tickets..and you get a price break too prior to Dec 25!

Join us for a night of Dancing with DJ Dupree, Party favors/grab bag, Fingerfood, Balloon drop and Champagne toast at midnight, Entertainment featuring:

Songstress Annie Shaw

Burlesque with Jezebel Dupree

Poi artist A. J. Haygath

and the worlds greatest looist Dave Gould

…more acts to be announced shortly.

Dec 31st 9pm-1am
Tickets $30 in advance of Dec 25
905-529-3000 or
$35 at the door