This Weekend..The Plaidiators and… Zak McDonald live


Hey friends!

On Saturday August 24th at 8pm I will be performing my first ever headlining set at The Staircase

on 27 Dundurn St N. I will be spreading peace and love and talking about all the hippy bullshit

I’ve been into lately.  I hope to see you guys out there!

The show begins at 8 o’clock and the doors are at 7! Show up early to get food and buy drinks to

support The Staircase!

Tickets will be 10$.


The show will also feature performances by





I will also be sharing with everyone my future plans! I look forward to seeing you guys!


Come and celebrate the end of the summer with the Plaidiators! The show will be Friday the 23rd

from 6-8 pm at the Staircase theatre, and tickets are only $5 available at the door!



Sketch Comedy The Rejuvenators presents SKETCHSICLE AUG 9 8PM




Kick off your August with a hilariously refreshing comedy treat!

Brought to you by the students of 2013’s Summer Staircase Sketch and Improv intensive

(formally known as The Rejuvinators), this full-length revue features original sketches,

music, monologues and improv developed over the last two months.

From grounded humour observing the obscurity of everyday life to the ACTUAL obscure

(is x-ray vision REALLY possible?), Sketchsicle promises you a fun and kooky night of comedy

by the most talented and rejuvenating cast Hamilton has to offer!
Shove that down ya throat!

Jennifer McMahon Molinaro
Jennifer Filipowicz
Aaron Cowan
Matt Sykes
Batt Mandura
Marianne Daly
Laurie Faas
Harrison Wheeler
Bill Dunphy!

Directed by: Jessica Perkins
Tickets are $10 each (cash only)
Reserve your tickets now!!!!! Email perkij20@gmail.
Tickets sold at the door. Please arrive early to ensure your seat. Cash only.




Presenting a staged reading of Behind Closed Doors, a new musical written and directed by

Adam Bryan, a recent graduate of Sheridan College’s Performing Arts Preparation program.

Behind Closed Doors follows the story of a dancer named Baby and an abusive relationship

with her boyfriend Alex. Throughout the story, it shows the hardships that Baby faces as a result

of Alex’s verbal and sexual abuse, how her friends handle it, and ultimately how she begins to

recover and find peace. Each performance will be followed by a 20 minute Q&A with the cast

and the writer/director.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go to SACHA, the Sexual Assault Centre for Hamilton and Area.

There will also be a donation jar for SACHA available at the production, as well as a donation jar for the

cast and crew.

Jessica Escoto as BABY
Max Falletta-Ehler as ALEX
Adam Bryan as KYLE
Kayla Mazepa as MADDY
Jordan Brunet as MADAME


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Fringe Emergency Venue Sun 21st of July

Due to Hamilton’s Category 1/2 hurricane on Friday The L yric Theatre is closed for the weekend. It’s not too hard to carry sets a block away to The Staircase? Is it? Today only The Staircase hosts 3 wonderful Fringe events.

Asylum 2pm










Playwright: Russel Niessen, Stephen Ingram, River Guard, Emma Greve
Cast: River Guard, Russel Niessen, Rachel Estok, Kit Simmons, Camille Intson
Jennifer Francis, Nora Fenton, Jaqueline Gruba, Radu Ciobor, David Gibble, Bart Ronde
Director: Russel Niessen

Show Type: Rock Music
Audience: General
Warning: Mature Content, Strobes

Running Time: 55 Minutes

Asylum is a rock musical centering around the lives of patients and hospital staff in a 1940’s Asylum. Asylum contains historical facts about mental illness, electroconvulsive therapy, and patient treatment in that time period. Love, loss, friendships, power struggles, fear, and the importance of freedom are all examined in the lives of those within the Asylum in this fast paced, attention grabbing musical. $10 at 2pm.


Baby Redboots’ Revenge 3:40pm










Playwright: Philip-Dimitri Galas
Directors: Anne Meighan, Lynne Griffin
Cast: Sean Sullivan

Show Type: Avante-Vaudville
Audience: General
Warning: Mature Content, Language

Running Time: 65 Minutes

Baby Redboots’ Revenge tells the darkly comic tale of a former child star whose voice changed belatedly at the age of 25. All grown up and all burnt out, Baby is now trapped playing stand-up bass in a polka band for all eternity. Determined to free himself from the curse of his old partner, he goes on a show-business iconoclastic joy-rage of fantastically monstrous proportions. $10 at 3:40pm.


DanceGarbage 5pm







Playwright & Director: Paul Gordon
Cast: Paul Gordon

Show Type: Comedy
Audience: General
Warning: Language

Running Time: 90 Minutes

For 16 years, Paul Gordon’s charismatic performances have been seen by an estimated 1.5 billion TV watchers worldwide.  Fade out, fade in: Paul is home working as a garbage man, cleaning up his flooded hometown.  Filled with surrealistic stories from vantage points most of us never get – the landfill and the world’s concert stages – DanceGarbage levels the playing field for all jobs while engaging Paul’s muscles, sweat and skill in this entertaining amalgam of the weird, fun and funny. $10 at 5pm.


Upcoming Events @ The Staircase


Hammer Night Live is back for our monthly variety show. Here’s the line-up!


1. Will Thomson
2. Clifford Myers
3. Alex Aucoin
4. James Kersley
5 Steve Patrick Adams

Sketch Troupe Ugly Stix!

Musical Act: Dan & Chris!

Hosted by: Paul Boychuk and Matthew Surina!

“Like” our new page to win prizes, free tickets, and learn about new lineups sooner than everyone else.

Contact Paul Boychuk or Matthew Surina for tickets. $5 at the door!


Pledge to support Behind Closed Doors!

Presenting Behind Closed Doors, a new musical written and directed by Adam Bryan,

a recent graduate of Sheridan College’s Performing Arts Preparation program.

Behind Closed Doors follows the story of a dancer named Baby, her friendships, and an

abusive relationship with her boyfriend Alex. Throughout the story, it shows the hardships

she faces as a result of Alex’s abuse, and ultimately how she recovers and finds peace.

The box office opens at 7 PM, and the show begins at 8 PM. Each performance will be followed

by a 20 minute Q&A with the cast and the writer/director.

All proceeds from ticket sales will go to SACHA, the Sexual Assault Centre for Hamilton and Area.

There will also be a donation jar for SACHA available at the production, as well as a donation jar

for the cast and crew.

Jessica Escoto as BABY
Colin Laking as ALEX
Max Falletta-Ehler as KYLE
Kayla Mazepa as MADDIE
Jordan Brunet as MADAME

Narrated by Adam Bryan

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The WorkShow 9pm Tuesday







The Workshow is an improvised comedy show that is mostly show with a bit of workshop. The improv actors on stage make comedy scenes from audience suggestions. It is about half open scenes and half handles (games). Notes are given to the actors, host and tech as the show progresses. Audience is welcome to join in post show notes. The show is one hour long and costs $5. Even Less Details! Click here.


Great events this Weekend!

Join us for these fun events happening this weekend

Friday June 21 8pm

Horror in the Hammer presents ADAM CHAPLIN

Billed as one of the bloodiest films ever made, witness the insane action and brutal fights of ADAM CHAPLIN, which mixes satanic and metal imagery with Manga-inspired violence.

To avenge the death of his wife at the hands of a disfigured mafia boss, Adam summons a demon that grants him superhuman strength and dark powers. Adam’s rage unleashes a bloody war that will bring Adam and the demon on his side, against the police department with all its dark allies. The fight begins and it will be extreme!

Dir. Emanuele De Santi
Country: Italy

Admission $10

Screening details at http://www.horrorinthehammer.com/

Sat June 22 8pm
The Smooth Criminals
Good things come in 3’s… that’s a thing, right?

Brace yourself Hamilton, because improvised comedy and music is coming back to the Staircase Theatre on Saturday, June 22nd at 8pm.

Modeled in the style of the hit TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway” and made up of a killer cast of professional improvisers, this show has been taking Hamilton audiences on wild rides of laughter and mayhem for over a year.

Tickets are getting snapped up fast, so make sure to reserve by emailing us at SmoothCriminalsImprov@Gmail.com or by visiting our site www.SmoothCriminalsImprov.com
Tickets: $15


Nelu Handa
Chris Leveille
Jordan Markowski
Mark Bond

With Special Guests:

Carly Heffernan
Alan Kliffer
Mystery Guest 1

Stage Manager: Guy Bradford


Our Deepest Gratitude!

On behalf of Hugh MacLeod, Kathy Garneau and myself I would like to extend a huge thank you to all the members of our Staircase Family for the love and support that you showed us during our application for the minor variance in parking.
We are pleased to announce that we went before committee last Thursday and with a few provisions, the ruling was favorable and generous.   It’s business as usual once more!

There were so many people that were instrumental in seeing that the outcome was successful that it was overwhelming. The petition was signed by numerous supporters, performers, families, friends, patrons of the arts and health and wellness.  Heartfelt letters were sent by many community members indicating their involvement with the Staircase over the years and what it’s meant to them. The local arts community made their voices heard to support this little slice in the bigger arts pie.  Facebook action groups were started to rally performers together. The news was spread far and wide through social networking and the media. Local ward 1 councillor Brian McHattie and Strathcona Community President, Dawn Graham spoke for the Strathcona community as a whole.  Neighbour Michael Marion added constructive input and continued backing.  Die hard supporters, Mariane Daly, Devlin Bishop, Matthew Surina, Paul Boychuk  joined us in person last Thursday at City Hall to show their love and have a voice. To each and every one of you that went that extra mile to be heard we thank you! Your continued support throughout the years is what has made the Staircase the type of community venue it is and now, how it will continue to remain for years to come.

Thank you!

Colette Kendall


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The Staircase Minor Variance Application (HM-A-13:75)

Variance application was successful! Thanks to all the wonderfuliferous support from our neighbours and beyond.

Dear Staircase Supporters,

We need your help to convince the Committee of Adjustments that The Staircase is worthy of being forgiven a few parking spaces so that we can continue to operate as usual.
The Issue
We need to increase the occupancy in The Staircase building, and there is not enough on site parking (according to the city).
You can see the result of the petition below. Mr. Baldry has received more than 70 letters of support and no complaints as of last Thursday. The support has been wonderfully overwhelming! Thanks to one and all. We meet the committee of adjustment at 2:35pm on June 6th 2013 in room 192/193 at 70 Main street (city hall). You are welcome to come by and see city hall in process. However only come by if you are free or have the time. Decorum would be expected regardless of the outcome.  Each case is only scheduled for 5 minutes. Our case has been fully made, with thanks to you all.
How To Help.
Please send an email/letter. Pertinent information is at variance.staircase.org. This is a time sensitive topic as the Committee of Adjustments will hear our case on June 6th. Please spread the word and send everyone you know to variance.staircase.org
Thank you
Colette Kendall, Executive Director
Hugh MacLeod and Kathy Garneau, Owners


[emailpetition id=”2″]


April 26 and 27 8pm


From the award-winning creator of Phone Whore and for | play, slut (r)evolution merges memory and manifesto to explore incendiary events from Cameryn Moore’s very sexual life. How did it feel? What the hell was she thinking? And how will it affect tonight’s hook-up?Friday-Saturday, April 26-27 * doors at 7pm, show at 8
Staircase Theatre, 27 Dundurn Ave, Hamilton, ON
Tickets: $12/adv, $15/door
Advance tickets at http://staircase.org/The second in Cameryn’s trilogy of autobiographical sex-themed shows, slut (r)evolution goes beyond Phone Whore to talk about the real-life impact of following one’s sexual bliss. Fantasy and fetish of course have a place in slut (r)evolution, but the show is firmly rooted in the physical sensations and emotional complications of going after and getting the sex you want.Please note: slut (r)evolution contains strong language and a lot of sexual content, and is for MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY.April13th 8pm


gWi4KG98LhH8OxKawyxJE3c-IWdGmur4KnkJAPmUUNUMorgan Jones Phillips returns to regale us with more tales from The Emergency Monologues.  Part stand-up and part storytelling, The Emergency Monologues is about being a paramedic in Toronto.  The show became a surprise hit when it first came out. During the 2008 SummerWorks Theatre Festival, it won the NOW Audience Choice Award and was sold-out for most of the run. Since then it has been performed at various bars, street corners and people’s homes with equal success. It was also a great success at the 2009 Toronto Fringe Festival.

Tickets $15 each Call 905-529-3000 or info@staircase.org for reservations


April 19 and 20th 8pm



The 6-Minute Memoir:
13 Hamilton writers on the moment that changed everything

Sometimes your whole life can change in a single moment. Thirteen Hamilton writers will share their personal stories about moments of epiphany.

Participating writers include Miranda Hill, author of Sleeping Funny; comedian and playwright Colette Kendall; Hamilton Spectator columnist Jeff Mahoney; Eva Kay, winner of the Hamilton Public Library’s Power of the Pen contest, Chris Farias, creative director of Kitestring, Amanda Leduc, author of The Miracles of Ordinary Men, among others. They will read from their written works and share some of the illuminating experiences in their lives — all in under six minutes each.

The show is being produced as a fundraiser for the Hamilton YWCA’s Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, which provides funding to support transitional housing for marginalized women in the city. The event is sponsored by Epiphany Coaching of Hamilton.

Tickets are $20 and can be reserved by contacting The Staircase Theatre at (905) 529-3000 or emailing info@staircase.org. A cash bar will be available during the event. Local singer/songwriter Dan Medakovic will perform a set of music after the show for those who want to stick around.