Treble Threat presents ARRIVALS AND DEPARTURES

16-March-2014 @ 18:00 – 20:00
27 Dundurn Street North
Hamilton, ON L8R 3C9

Treble Threat Hamilton is proud to present “Departures and Arrivals” By Carol Shields. Featuring a series of 22 short vignettes that capture the heart warming and heart breaking moments of airport life in the late 80s to mid- 90s. From a father bidding his daughter farewell, to a wise cleaner, and an off the wall bohemian poet, this play has it all! So sit back, put your minds in the laid back and open position and prepare to be taken on a journey; this is your boarding call!

Directed by: Josh Obermeyer

David Allan Louis Jackson
Cadence Robertson
Adriana Lara
Daniel Axel Alexander
Michael David Denton Johnson
Kathleen Shanks
Kirsten Feldner – Brown
Sebastian Magie

Show Dates @ Staircase Cafe Theatre:

Fri March 14th: 8:00pm
Sat March 15th: 8:00pm
Sun March 16th: 2:00pm
Fri March 21st: 8:00pm
Sat March 22nd: 8:00pm
Sun March: 23rd: 2:00pm

Tickets are 18$ and may be reserved via email or by phone at 905 529 3000

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