Treble Threat Auditions “ZOMBIE PROM”

18-January-2014 @ 17:00 – 19-January-2014 @ 01:00
Audition details:  Looking for actors between the ages of 15-25 For roles in the musical “Zombie Prom”. Those auditioning for “Zombie Prom” are asked to prepare two contrasting songs and be prepared to perform them a capella.

Roles to be filled in “Zombie Prom” are:

Eddie Flagrante: Male 20-25. A sleazy newspaper reporter

Coco: Female 15-20: A popular student
Ginger: Female 15-20: A nerdy Student
Various Ensemble

Looking for actors between the ages of 15-25 to play in a production of “Departures and Arrivals”  Those auditioning for “Departures and Arrivals” are asked to be prepared to do a cold read of dialogue as well as a cold read of a monologue. *Prepared monologues are an asset to this audition, but not required

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