SPEAK! Storytelling @ The Staircase

20-February-2014 @ 01:00 – 02:30

Come and join us for Speak! Storytelling at the Staircase! Storyteller Lisa Pijuan-Nomura has created a happening for people to come hear tall tales, share stories and have their voices heard.
Hosted by Lisa Pijuan-Nomura and Conrad Sichler, each show will feature a gu
est teller and a host of community tellers as part of our Story Jam!

For the first show of 2014 our theme is The Wise One!

Our guest teller will be visual artist/storyteller Melinda Shank Miles.

The second half of the event will feature a Story Jam where up to 6 audience members can sign up to tell there own stories.

The Story Jam has a few rules to follow. Each story can be no longer than 6 minutes. The stories must be true. And they can not be read they must be told.

So come out and celebrate the stories of our lives!

Please spread the word far and wide and share with friends and family who might be interested!

Suggested donation: $7 to $10

February 19

Featured Teller: Melinda Shank Miles

Theme: The Wise One

The Staircase Cafe Theatre
27 Dundurn Street North
Hamilton ON L8R 3C9
905.529.3000 (call us for directions)

For more information please contact girlcancreate@gmail.com


Melinda Shank-Miles is a visual artist, musician and storyteller who lives in Hamilton. She grew up in a nomadic family, moving throughout Northern Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. She is a member of the North Bay/Mattawa Algonquin First Nation.

“I have been writing songs, poems and stories all my life, and have worked as a performing songwriter for 20 years. I am a painter and an illustrator, with exhibition experience that dates back to 1995 in North Bay, ON. My visual art reflects a strong connection to storytelling, each canvas an illustration of a particular story, event or poem.

I like to tell true stories, memories of a unique childhood in the rural northern mountains of BC, which leads into Anishinaabe stories, through my connection to the land, and the wisdom of my father and our way of life.My stories touch on themes of spirituality, history and Indigenous Knowledge, which I believe we all carry inside, regardless of the location of our ancestry.”

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