Broken Soil Theatre auditions PLACES

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26-February-2014 @ 23:00 – 27-February-2014 @ 02:00
The Staircase
27 Dundurn Street North
Hamilton, ON L8R 3C9
michael kras

Email to book your audition! Don’t wait, as spots are limited!


The Staircase Theatre Multipurpose Room (27 Dundurn St. North, Hamilton, ON)


February 26th-28th, 6pm to 9pm.


Places is a story about the pursuit of passion despite extraordinary obstacles. Three interconnected university students battle their family, friends, tragedy, addiction, and their own self-worth in a costly struggle to find themselves and learn perhaps the most important lesson of any: To be yourself for no one else but yourself. A comedic drama about moving on and growing up.

Written and Directed by Michael Kras

Dramaturgy by Jamie Hovis and Stephen Near

Choreography by Alyssa Nedich

Original Score by Stephen Ingram


Auditions slots are available through email, so please shoot us a message at to book an audition and to let us know what day/time you prefer. You will be emailed a monologue as well as a dialogue scene. You are NOT required to be off-book, but please familiarize with the text. Free yourself up to PLAY!

The character breakdown is as follows:

Alex (Male, 18-30 years old) – Studying acting in university, ignoring the pursuit of his passion and talent for writing thanks to one too many artistically traumatic incidents. Dominated by severe performance anxiety, he is reliant on prescription painkillers to get through rehearsals.


Jason (Male, 18-30 years old) – Alex’s best friend in high school and current university roommate. A naturally talented actor forced into a more financially stable career path by his strict parents. Resorts to drinking in order to cope.


Emily (Female, 18-30 years old) – Stage managing Alex’s end-of-semester production. Tough as nails on the outside, and hides her vulnerability. Has a secret talent for dance but, after much discouragement and a hidden lack of confidence, has avoided pursuing her dream. Background in dance is recommended but not essential. Must be able to move.


Broken Soil Theatre is an award winning company comprised of young, fresh up-and-coming artists creating work that pushes the boundaries of conventional theatre. Founded by Michael Kras, the company’s mission is to provide a challenging experimental environment in which young artists can create the theatre they’ve never been able to before. This is youths doing theatre that is anything but ‘youthful’. Broken Soil’s goal is to create theatre that is at once accessible and challenging… to bring forth new work that provokes, moves, offends, and excites audiences.


Shoot us an email at to book your audition today! Don’t wait, as spots are limited!

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