Sep 292012
EGG ZEPPELIN-Improvised Music, Bacon and Comedy Show!

Egg Zeppelin returns to Hamilton’s Staircase Theatre on Saturday, September 29th for more MUSIC, BACON and COMEDY! With special guests:

Host Laurie Elliot (Just For Laughs, Red Green Show, Jon Dore Show), guest comedian Dan Galea and musical guest Dr. Ew!

Saturday, Sept 29 @ 8pm

Staircase Theatre – 27 Dundurn Avenue
Tix: $15/$12 student
Available at the venue

Dr. Ew is the new musical persona of Drew Smith, regular guest of Toronto pop bands The Elwins and former frontman of The Bicycles. The “dark pop” of Dr Ew’s debut record ‘Gadzooks’ has an ambitious, orchestral aura about it… comparisons to Brian Wilson and Elliot Smith have been made. His endearing, gentle cheeriness will win you over. A performer not to be missed!

Egg Zeppelin is a 2-person, long-form improvisational comedy show. From audience suggestions, the Canadian-Comedy Award nominated comedy duo of Kris Siddiqi (Second City) and Marcel St. Pierre (Bad Dog Theatre Company) create a spontaneous hour in the lives of Dude and Man, the owner-operators of a dilapidated greasy spoon in a non-specific, small town halfway between ‘here’ and ‘there’. Every installment features a special musical guest and BACON cooked live on stage! IT’S A COMPLETELY MADE UP SITCOM/TALK/VARIETY SHOW, EVERY TIME! | Follow  Egg Zeppelin on facebook or online:

Date : Saturday, 29 September 2012       From : 8

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