The Staircase is on Summer Vacation July 11-Aug 9

Hope we didn’t forget to pack anything!  The Staircase will be taking a short hiatus from theatre and cafe bookings  from  July 11-Aug 9.  During this time we will be working on all the larger jobs that are difficult to get to when you are open 24/7.  Our resident services, Seiwa Kai Karate and The Yoga Path will be holding classes in the bright and multipurpose rooms so check out their respective websites for their summer schedules.  Fright Night theatre will still be held the 1st Tuesday of August and since the laughter never stops at the Staircase the Thursday night 9pm  Stand up Comedy Night will continue to push the comedy envelope in the Hammer…..and when we re-open….well we hope you are well rested because we are packed solid this upcoming Fall season!



DIY filmmaker Sean MacPherson’s lo-fi, no-budget, labor of love and hate, HAPPY TO BE HERE is going on tour across Canada!

A sort-of heart warming feature film about passive aggression, having a nice day and forgetting the names of your family members, Happy to be Here is the story of Dorian Winters, who, after his father Butch suffers a massive stroke and donates his life savings to a seemingly illegitimate dolphin charity, embarks on a journey to discover the challenges of making peace with one’s family and finding the true meaning of happiness…

A feature film shot on a budget of 1500.00 in a 400 square ft apartment, Happy to be Here was shot in truly independent fashion. And what a ride so far. From oysters and grey goose at the CANNES 2009, to rejection and tap water, the film and filmmaker have been on a wild roller coaster for the last two years…

Finally fed up with the “independent” film system, the filmmaker is embarking on a self-funded film tour across Canada – screening in the Hammer Sat July 3rd!!!

Staircase theatre!!! Sat July 3 @8pm!!! Director in attendance!!!

Come out and support real independent film!

It’s Hammer time….


Next Step

Well the email sign up is working well. Support page is working well. I am still flummoxed by youtube and the lovely little wp application for embedding videos. This will be my second try with one of my personal videos.


Much Better

This looks a lot more like a web page now. There is still lots to do. Especially in the area of membership and volunteerism. A cafe menu is required. Hopefully from this point we will be able to post interesting shows in here, rather than blathers about the rather painless construction of a community theatre web site. I am still waiting for the calendar to arrive by email. That is kinda crazy. There calendar you see hear is simply a place holder. Has some neat features, but not not good enough for handling the number and diversity of staircase bookings. For your patience I have included this sweet political parody youtube (yes I am just testing video insertion)

OMIGOD!! They killed Vipers Video Quicktags. Arrrrrrrgh!

It is also worth noting that Google Java implementation wrecks the calendar on the page as well. Google analytics breaks shashin and highslide as well.  So no analytics yet.


The State of Calendars

It is amazing. Trying to find a workable calendar for the Staircase. It is very very hard. The key items needed are rapid deployment of event information with multiple categories. Recurring entries and the ability to edit solitary entries within the recurring entries, and month view. Calendarix did a nice job of that for us. Our version of calendarix was heavily modded to for our juicy delights: images, preset locations, preset fees, etc. I have installed 8 wordpress calendars, all of which are missing key features. Juicy features are not even being considered at this point. I have looked at commercial calendars but they either lack modability, or don’t supply a month view (because they are innovative!!). Looks like calendarix wins. Juice to be squeezed into it later.