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Two Tooney Tuesdays — An Improv Comedy Case Show

Hamilton’s shock troopers of improvisational theatre are at it again with a whole new improv comedy show on Tuesday nights. Staircase Improv presents Two Tooney Tuesdays. The Improv Comedy Case Show covers the whole gambit of improv comedy styles, with the essential common thread of making you laugh. Every Tuesday night at 9pm this band of intrepid improv actors will create scenes of the audience’s choosing and direction. Experimental, yes. Professional, yes. Funny, yes. Four bucks. YES!

Two Tooney Tuesdays — An Improv Comedy Case Show
Tuesdays at 9pm
$4 suggested admission, pay what you think its worth
Elaine Mae Theatre
25 Dundurn St. North (beside The Staircase)

Contact: Hugh (e), 905.923.3042 (c)

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Staircase Super Sunday (26-Feb)

This weekend we are taking the Oscars head on! Free admission to improv comedy show for anyone who pays full freight ($4) for Science Fiction Sunday.

A Scanner Darkly 2pm

Sci Fi Sunday will play A Scanner Darkly! Starring everyone from Robert Downey Jr. to Alex Jones. Bathe yourself in the engineered paranoia drug addled super surveillance. Kinda like Bill C-30 on steroids or substance D if you wish. We conveniently arranged for the Oscars to start later this year. Catch Sci Fi Sunday at 2pm this Sun-26-Feb. $4/2




improv comedy show 8pm

improv comedy show. a show with improvised comedy. comedy that is made up based on audience suggestions. even the show format is chosen by the audience. the show is about 70 minutes long. admission is “pay what you think its worth.” check out Hamilton’s newest stage The Elaine Mae Theatre.

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improv comedy show starts Sun-8-Jan at 8pm

Brand New Stage!

improv comedy show is a comedy show that is improvised. The improv comedy show is more improvised than any other show you will ever see. Not only will all the scenes be improvised but so will the format. At the beginning of each show the audience will be able to choose the style of show they wish to see. Will it be a game laden high speed romp like Who’s Line Is It Anyways without any editing? Will it be an evening of quietly crafted scenes based on high brow audience suggestions? Some formats will be limited by resources, but the suggestions for style certainly will not be. improv comedy show is the Build-A-Bear of comedy theatre. It is not called Build-A-Bear theatre for legal reasons.

improv comedy show runs from Sun-8-January to Sun-29-April-2012.

We will be located in Hamilton’s newest Improv Comedy Theatre at 25 Dundurn St. North (Staircase South). Park in any of the three Staircase parking lots. Call 905.529.3000 for more information.

Shows start at 8pm and last approximately 70 minutes (starting January 8th).

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Santa Survivor Dec 16th @8pm & Christmas Comedy with Clifford 9:30pm

Santa Survivor is an improv comedy parody of the infamous Survivor reality TV series where Santa’s elves out wit, out play, and out laugh each other — North Pole style. Santa only has space on his sleigh for one elf, and each year this spot goes to the funniest elf at the North Pole. The rest of the elves are sent back to Santa’s Sweatshop.

Come on out to Santa Survivor and using tribes, challenges and immunity, you can help Santa pick the funniest elf. This show has been a Staircase seasonal comedy staple and is now in its 8th year. Hosted by the jolly guy himself, there will be plenty of laughs and prizes. This is not a Christmas show for children, as accidental adult content may occur.

Friday December 16th 8pm (one show only)

The Staircase 27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton

$10 general admission cash only.

Reservations: 905.529.3000 or


Following the Staircase Theatre’s “Santa Survivor” will be a jolly old Christmas show in the cafe.

Hosted By Clifford Myers featuring a cavalcade of his friends and some people he doesn’t really like.

But you will.

$5 at the Door.

I suggest wearing a Christmas sweater.

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On Second Thought Dec 9th and 10th at 8pm




$15 cash only call  905-529-3000 for reservations! Paul’s fantastic shows sell out all over North America.

ON SECOND THOUGHT is an hour of high-energy comedy in which performer Paul Hutcheson takes audiences on an autobiographical journey of those moments in life in which he gave pause. Whether quickly realized or not there is always a constant stream of ‘second thoughts’ that make life interesting and often times hilarious. Jumping out of airplanes, teaching teenagers and renting porn to a varied are but a few of the ‘second thoughts’ Hutcheson showcases to great comedic effect.







“The performer’s name is Paul Hutcheson and his production of ‘On Second Thought’ was everything a one-man show should be.” -CBC Winnipeg

“Hutcheson tells humiliating stories that are both hilarious and heartfelt. Also, a world-class improviser…” -Calgary Herald

Paul Hutcheson has been a comedic performer for 9 years. His trilogy of one person shows, ‘The First Time’, ‘On Second Thought’ & ‘Third Time Lucky’ have toured to over 25 theatre festivals winning awards and playing to sold-out houses all over North America.

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The Specials! 23,24 Nov at 8pm

Back by popular demand, The SPECIALS return with their hilarious original musical comedy, 9/11/11

Starring: Sandra Battaglini, Precious Chong, Phil Luzi, and Christopher Sawchyn.
Director: Melissa D’Agostino
Musical Director: Scott Christian
Technical Director: David Guerra

Come celebrate American Thanksgiving with us!

It’ll be a schpladoozie!

* Wednesday November 23rd, 8pm
* Thursday November 24th, 8pm

($10 for students with student card)

Tickets available by calling 905-529-3000, at the door or at


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EAST OF BERLIN Nov 11, 12, 18, 19


Do monsters breed monsters? That’s the question we’re forced to ask when Rudi discovers, in his teens, that his father served as an SS Doctor at Auschwitz. Set in 1970, Rudi the young adult stands outside of his father’s study revisiting the major events in his life. From the discovery of this secret, to his friendship with Hermann, and a relationship with the daughter of a Jewish survivor, Rudi tries to come to terms with a horrific past that he had no part of. With love, guilt, redemption and sins unimaginable, East of Berlin examines hidden victims of the Holocaust.

R&D Productions is proud to present their inaugral show with Canadian Hannah Moscovitch’s East of Berlin. Opening on remembrance day, this play appropriately examines one of the most significant events in human history: the Holocaust, from an often ignored perspective. In a respectable and insightful manner, East of Berlin makes us think about one’s history and how deep it needs to be buried in order to remain in the past.

Directed by Ryan Trepanier
Stage Managed by David Rundle


Gregory Cruikshank as Rudi
Robert Brown as Hermann
Crystal Jonasson as Sarah

Friday, November 11th @ 8:00pm
Saturday, November 12th @ 2:00pm
Saturday, November 12th @ 8:00pm
Friday, November 18th @ 8:00pm
Saturday, November 19th @ 2:00pm
Saturday, November 19th @ 8:00pm

All shows are at the Staircase Theatre located on 27 Dundurn Street North in Hamilton.

Tickets are $15 and can be reserved ahead of time by emailing:

Space is limited to 67 seats per performance, so advance reservations are strongly recommended to guarantee seats.

As a disclaimer, this production will include the smoking of herbal cigarettes, firearms (no gunfire), strong language and suggestive sexual content. Discretion is advised–armed-with-a-dream-and-determination


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R&D Prod. Presents East of Berlin Nov 11,12,18 and 19 at 8pm

Do monsters breed monsters? That’s the question we’re forced to ask when Rudi discovers, in his teens, that his father served as an SS Doctor at Auschwitz. Set in 1970, Rudi the young adult stands outside of his father’s study revisiting the major events in his life. From the discovery of this secret, to his friendship with Hermann, and a relationship with the daughter of a Jewish survivor, Rudi tries to come to terms with a horrific past that he had no part of. With love, guilt, redemption and sins unimaginable, East of Berlin examines hidden victims of the Holocaust.

More Info from Hamilton Spectator

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Staircase Improv presents FrankenProv Sun Oct 30th at 7:30pm

The Staircase Theatre presents FrankenProv, an improv comedy show based on Mary Shelley’s classic novel Frankenstein, on Sunday October 30th at 7:30pm. Appropriate for all ages, the audience is required to participate in the action as they help decide the fate of the show’s key characters – an obsessed scientist, a village girl, and a manufactured monster. The improvised play will keep you on the edge of your funny bone by creating a monstrosity of comedic proportions.

Staircase Improv is The Staircase Theatre’s professional improv troupe. For more than a decade they have presented an annual Halloween comedy show. FrankenProv is returning to the stage again, but the show is guaranteed to be hilariously different every time!

As a bonus you can catch a screening of the classic Bride of Frankenstein at 5pm the same day. Admission to Bride of Frankenstein is free with your admission FrankenProv

FrankenProv 7:30pm Sunday October 30th). Show lasts about 90 minutes and may include 2 or 3 versions of FrankenProv. Admission $10 cash only (includes admission to 5pm movie). 905.529.3000 for reservations.


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