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Musical Improv Comedy Night Sat Oct 8th One Show Only


You may know it by a few different names (Steel City, The Hammer, H-Town, Toronto-light), but they all stand for one city: a city about to get it’s face melted with some seriously funny musical Improv comedy.

With a killer cast of performers made up of celebrated comedy legends and newer upstarts alike, AND with an incredible live band on hand, Musical Improv Comedy Night in Hamilton (who needs a fancy name when you… can just tell it like it is) is the biggest night of comedy to hit the Hamilton scene since the Pan Am Games stadium debacle (that was kind of comedic, right?). In other words, it’s something you won’t want to miss out on.

So if you like laughing, and if you like great live music, and if you like laughing while enjoying great live music, please grab your friends, your family (14+) and your significant others and make your way to this show on Saturday, October 8th.

You will love it.

Starring (In alphabetical order):

Lauren Ash
Mark Bond (On the piano)
Ashley Botting
Kevin Frank (On the drums)
Chris Leveille
Jordan Markowski
Kevin Vidal

Stage Manager:

Andrew Haggith

Where: The Staircase Theatre (27 Dundurn Street North)
When: Saturday, October 8th at 8pm
Tickets: $12

Improv Comedy

Laughing in the face of Death

An improv comedy evening to raise funds for Darfur refugees. Tickets$20 proceeds to “Hike for Hunger” .

There is limited seating so buying tickets early is advised. On saleJune 22nd at the Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital in the Emergency Department
or  at the door.

Come join Shirley Cuscieri, Adam Dams, Patrick Hebden, Daniel Kollek and Brian Smith (AKA the “No Name” improv troupe) in laughing for a good cause!