Jul 022015

The Staircase is pleased to be the largest Bring Your Own Venue  as part of The Hamilton Fringe Festival. We have 6 stellar theatrical productions on site…so grab your program from the Fringe, order your ticket and make a day of it here! See as many shows as you can under one roof, relax before, after, in between in our cafe and grab a beverage or snack….then head back in to be amazed by our productions, comedy, drama, dance, clown….and if that isn’t enough well we will have events happening after the shows to highlight our Fringe performers daily! So make a day of it! Come take in the fun that is The Fringe!






Bloom is a new piece of interdisciplinary theatre created from a series of interviews with young adults living with mental illness. Originally conceived as an undergraduate thesis of writer/director, Jill Kooymans, Bloom seeks to give an honest voice to a group of people who have yet to be accurately represented in theatre. The addition of Alyssa Nedich’s contemporary dance and R.A. Ducharme’s original music fills the void of what cannot be articulated in words. Performing from July 16-26 in the main space of The Staircase Cafe Theatre, the marrying of real words from real people with the emotional interpretive dance leads to an exciting, educational and moving piece of groundbreaking theatre.

Show times:

Thursday July 16th @ 7:00pm
Friday July 17th @ 7:00pm
Saturday July 18th @ 8:45pm
Sunday July 19th @ 3:30pm
Monday July 20th @ 5:15pm
Tuesday July 21st @ 7:30pm
Thursday July 23rd @ 7:00pm
Friday July 24th @ 8:45pm
Saturday July 25th @ 9:35pm
Sunday July 26th @ 7:30pm

Written/Directed by: Jillian Kooymans
Choreographed by: Alyssa Nedich
Music Composed by: Riley Alex Ducharme
Stage Managed/Designed by: Marianne Jette
Produced by: Hammer Entertainment


Woman 1 – Kristi Boulton
Woman 2 – Hannah Wayne
Woman 3 – Sarah Granger
Woman 4 – Lynne Sargent
Man 1 – Sam Houpt
Man 2 – Jack Quail
Female Dancer – Alyssa Nedich
Male Dancer – Cameron Buttrum


ROWING“I will not vanish.”Straight from their successful full-house run of “Here” at Theatre Aquarius in 2014, Chrysalis Workshop returns to Hamilton with a machine gun paced, brutal comeback comedy in “Rowing” at the Hamilton Fringe Festival!After losing their first race in 51 years, it’s a long night for Westdale’s community rowing team. Team captain Mark is missing, first seat Howie is going through a quiet mental breakdown and no one is coming to their charity fundraiser. Written and directed by Aaron Jan (A Language for Dogs, Antigone, Winner: best of fringe 2012 for Drafts) and filled with party games, pyromania and encounters with emerging psychopaths, Rowing is a fast paced, strangely violent, coming of age story about what it means to be a winner in Hamilton, Ontario and the monsters we become when we fail.

Chrysalis Workshop was founded in 2014 as a collaboration between Aaron Jan (Director of Drafts, Best of Fringe 2012) and Samuel Chang (Director of Nocturne, Critic’s Choice Award 2013) to produce workshop productions of original pieces that engaged a younger generation of theatre goers in the developmental process. Not a place for first or final drafts, Chrysalis Workshop seeks to create heroes onstage for young Hamiltonian audiences. Rowing features an equally emerging team of young artists from across the GTA, including Madeleine Brown (Brother Brother, InspiraTO), Courtney Keir (Fever /Dream, Seven Siblings Theatre), Jordan Laffrenier (A Little too Close to Home, Best of Venue – Hamilton Fringe 2013), Andrew Markowiak (Close Encounters, Last Seen Alive, Discovery Channel), Zach Parkhurst (The End of the Tour, A24 Films), many of whom are Fringe newcomers, eager to prove themselves to a new city.

Rowing is the story of what it means to grow up in a city with an abandoned downtown core and to dream of a better life. Don’t miss this chance to see what this exciting group of young artists can do. See who survives the night.

Chrysalis Workshop in association with The Hamilton Fringe and The Staircase Café and Theatre presents…


Featuring: Madeleine Brown, Rachel Estok, Courtney Keir, Jordan Laffrenier, Andrew Markowiak, Zach Parkhurst and Ben Siapas

Written and Directed by Aaron Jan
Dramaturg: Lucy Powis
Rehearsal Stage Manager: Shannon Hipson
Production Stage Manager: Jess Keenan
Lighting Designer: Logan Cracknell
Sound Designer: Jason Thomson
Fight Choreographer: Neil Silcox
Graphic Design: Jordan Laffrenier


Onstage: July 17-26th (Check for more information on showtimes and dates)
Venue: The Staircase Café and Theatre (27 Dundurn St North)

July 17th – 10:30 PM
July 18th – 7:00 PM
July 19th – 5:30 PM
July 20th – 8:05 PM
July 21st – 6:00 PM
July 22nd – 7:30 PM
July 23rd – 8:45 PM
July 24th – 7:00 PM
July 25th – 6:00 PM
July 26th – 5:30 PM

Please note that there is no latecomer seating
Tickets: $10 + a one time purchase of a Fringe backer button ($5)
Online: / by phone: 289-698-2234 / or at the door
TICKETS ON SALE SOON. SEATING IS EXTREMELY LIMITED. Book ahead to avoid disappointment.


COMMERCIALSCommercials-On-The-Run-Theatre, with the generous support of hammertheatre, is happy to announce their production of Sky Gilbert’s Commercials for Hamilton at the 2015 Hamilton Fringe Festival. Commercials for Hamilton, a hit last fall at Hamilton’s Staircase Café Theatre, returns with a new cast, Duncan Rowe (Roy) and Andrei Preda (Sanders) written and directed by Sky Gilbert.Commercials for Hamilton, pits two advertising execs against each other in an office near Jackson Square. Their mission: sell Hamilton to the thousands of potential condo-owners migrating to the city. The question: how should they sell this great city?Hamilton Fringe Festival July 16-26

Thursday July 16 8:45pm
Friday July 17 8:45pm
Saturday July 18 10:30pm
Sunday July 19 7:15pm
Wednesday July 22 9:15pm
Friday July 24 5:30pm
Saturday July 25 8:00pm
Sunday July 26 4:00pm

ONEMOONBefore Christel, aka Caroline Bierman embarks on her UK ONEymoon to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, your presence is requested at the wedding of Caroline at the Hamilton Fringe. Audiences join Caroline as her family & friends toast her unusual day, and get a sneak peak at her vacation and rise to fame. Your presence is gift enough.4 time Canadian Comedy Award nominee presents her brand new version of her hit Show.”The Bite of Chirstine Baranski & and the sharp tongue of Cloris Leachman” Hamilton Spectator

“Overflowing with charisma…a manically gifted actor” Vancouver Terminal Weekly

“Julie Andrews gone Wild” Montreal Gazette

“A Human Fireball” See Magazine-Edmonton

Created & Performed by Christel Bartelse
Directed by Paul Hutcheson

Thurs July 16-7pm
Fri July 17-8:30pm
Sat July 18-7pm
Sun July 19- 7:30pm
Tues July 21-8pm
Wed July 22-8pm
Thurs July 23-8:30pm
Fri July 24-8:30pm
Sat July 25-6pm

Tickets $10 ($5 backer button required) for tickets or more info.

Please visit: to help me raise money for my UK Tour.


Playwright: Peter Ormond
Director: Peter Ormond
Cast: Peter Ormond, additional cast members TBA

Show Type:


Running Time: 45 minutes

We all experience different lives. They are moulded by our starting points and choices throughout. The Greening of Life plays on that reality of our self (eco) as part of the greater whole (ego). Be the life half-full or half-empty, choices are compared on the greatest stage: real life.

Show Times:
Thur, July 16 8:30pm
Fri, July 17 7:00pm
Sat, July 18 8:30pm
Tue, July 21 7:00pm
Thur, July 23 7:00pm
Fri, July 24 7:00pm
Sat, July 25 8:15pm
Sun, July 26 7:00pm

Tickets: $10 (Fringe Backer Button required)



The Cockwhisperer-A Love Story Winnipeg Fringe 3x3 program imageFrom three-time Canadian Comedy Award – nominated Colette Kendall, creator of the Smash Hits Tippi Seagram’s Happy Hour & Who’s Afraid Of Tippi Seagram Comes…The Cockwhisperer… A Love Story
The story of one woman’s quest to find the love and the penis of her dreams. A phallic journey both humorous and dark.
***** The Edmonton Sun
“The masterful storyteller brings a laugh a line from the get go, until she masters a dramatic mood
change. Her storytelling is self-deprecating, honest, painful and hilarious all over the course of
the hour.”
4/4 The Beat
The show’s notable weakness is probably its strength; it is too short. I cannot remember a show
where an hour went by so fast and I was left with a profound disappointment like a child who sees a
treat wafted away from her. Is there not anymore of this? Why not?

****Winnipeg Sun

‘This one-woman show is honest, revealing and will have you laughing from the moment the lights dim
to the moment you leave. But don’t be fooled; it’s not all fun and games. Serious moments are
interwoven to create a well-rounded and empowered performance.

The Georgia Straight
‘The Cockwhisperer’s mix of standup and stories, she still speaks audaciously about sex… but she
also talks about the darkness of being sexually dominated. Tippi’s great, but Colette Kendall without the wig is more compelling – and funnier – because she cuts deeper.’

Allison M Jones, The View
‘The Cockwhisperer… A Love Story provides an unblushing look at love, sex, relationships, power, pain and choice…it promises bawdy humour, deft storytelling, poignant moments, and one unflinching solo performer’

Theatre In London
‘Put your delicate sensibilities aside and get past the title, because this show should not be missed.’

Brian Carroll, Apt 613
Iʼve never seen a Colette Kendall show before. Iʼve read the reviews. Kendall has personally flyered me in Winnipeg for her shows Tippi Seagramʼs Happy Hour, Whoʼs Afraid of Tippi Seagram and
The Cockwhisperer – A Love Story. Twitter buddies across the Fringe circuit have recommended The Cockwhisperer. But itʼs never risen to the top of my Fringe to-do list. So Iʼve never seen her
perform … Until now. This was a mistake. A BIG mistake… What won me over wasnʼt her humour ….No, what won me over was her honesty and courage to talk to a live audience about a very dangerous and painful time of her life.

Thursday July 16, 7pm.
Friday July 17, 8pm.

Saturday July 18, 8pm.

Sunday July 19, 7pm.

Tuesday July 21, 7pm.
Wednesday July 22, 7pm.
Thursday July 23, 8pm.

Friday July 24, 7pm.
Saturday July 25, 8pm.

Sunday July 26, 7pm.


Apr 232015

Rub-a-dub-dub, the Baker was found dead in the tub! Ever wonder what the Butcher, the Baker and the Candlestick Maker were doing in that tub together? Take a peek into the Butcher’s murder trial to find out. In Baker’s Dozen, a single puppeteer transforms one puppet into 12 angry jurors.

Baker’s Dozen was a hit at the 2014 Toronto Fringe Festival and was filmed for Bell Media’s On Stage On Demand series. The show comes to Hamilton in April prior to being performed as the opening act for comedian Rick Mercer this upcoming May.

The Butcher’s future rests in the jury’s hands in the one-man puppet courtroom dramedy that is the Baker’s Dozen.

Tickets for Baker’s Dozen are $18, $15 for students and seniors. Tickets are available at the venue (by cash only) on the day of the performance or in advance online. Visit for further info.

Mature audiences only.

Jan 202015
An Improvised Celebration of Love created by Jill Bourque.
Join us for our 7th annual performance!


Embark on a side-splitting improvised journey through meeting, dating, and mating as selected couples tell their
“how we first met” stories. Our most advanced improvisers will recreate and hiliariously magnify those pivotal story moments to create funny and touching scenes. Feedback we most receive is “we fell in love all over again”.

What began as a one-time Valentine’s show in San Francisco in 2001 has played in dozens of cities in the
U.S., Canada, Japan, Australia and Norway! Since its inception, the show has featured a wide range of couples, gay, straight, conservative, liberal, married 50 years, dating three weeks or anything in between…
all sharing a kooky crazy thing we call Love!

Tickets $15ea/$25 couple


Colette Kendall's photo.

Jan 122015


The Collegiate Players are making their debut at the Staircase Theatre and hoping to incite audiences with their production of Oleanna.
What begins as an innocent appointment between a professor and student gradually spirals into the damaging depths of miscommunication as they grapple over gender politics, political correctness and power.
Directed by Michael Smith and introducing Lyndsey Wasilik and Mark Christopherson.

The Collegiate Player’s debut with David Mamet’s “Oleanna”

Hamilton (December30,2014)

The Collegiate Players make their first appearance with their production
of Oleanna January15-­-17

David Mamet’s controversial two-­-actor play is famous for provoking audiences as they watch an
appointment between a professor and student spiral into the damaging depths of miscommunication in a grapple over gender politics, political correctness and power. Michael Smith who directs Hamilton’s Mark Christopherson(John) and
Lyndsey Wasilik(Carol), has been a instructor with the Acting Program
at Mohawk College for six years.“I wanted to be, in some way, more involved in Hamilton’s growing
acting community.  I’v met great number of students who want to add to their acting resumes.  I wanted another challenge, so I brought the two ideas together.”  Smith has always enjoyed David Mamet’s work, particularly Oleanna. “  This piece has power to incite audiences.  My hope is it will leave them with a sense of, “what just happened here?” Performances are January15,16,17 at 8pm with a 2pm performance on

Tickets are $15, $11students/seniors and available at the Staircase Café Theatre boxoffice day of performance if not sold out online,
27 DundurnSt. N,

or in advance



Nov 172014

Two guys. One Office. Objective: Sell Hamilton!


Hammertheatre presents a comedy in one act written and directed by Sky Gilbert. “Commercials For Hamilton” stars newcomers Abraham Asto and Spencer Robson. Set and costumes by Kelly Wolf. Lighting design and stage management by Stephen Newman. This intimate comedy premieres at The Staircase Cafe Theatre, 27 Dundurn Street North. Tickets are $15.00 and can be reserved by calling the box office at 905-529-3000. “Commercials For Hamilton” previews on Thursday November 20th at 8pm, opening night is Friday November 21st at 8pm with regular performances Thursday – Saturday at 8pm and two Sunday matinees at 3pm.


In Hamilton, house prices are going up along with a new GO Station. Condos are everywhere, and thousands of Toronto hipsters and young people cannot wait to get down and party at Hamilton’s Art Crawl. In other words, Hamilton is on the verge of a boom, and there is no doubt that there is money to be made. But what does it mean when people want to make money out of your city?


“Commercials For Hamilton” is Sky Gilbert’s third play with Hamilton in the title (We cannot forget Hamilton Bus Stop and Naked Hamilton which both preceded “Commercials For Hamilton”) and the sixth play he has written with a Hamilton setting. Like these earlier plays, “Commercials For Hamilton” looks at issues of class, gentrification, and sexuality.


What does it mean to sell Hamilton? “Commercials For Hamilton” asks just that question. Set in a makeshift office near Jackson Square, this one act comedy tells the story of two advertising men who have been given an urgent assignment: sell Hamilton. Abraham Asto plays Sanders Dillingham – a slick Toronto ad executive on his way up. A tall chai latte loving lad from Toronto’s Ossington Avenue who is not too happy when his boss tells him that he must work with a young intern (a recent grad of Hamilton’s Mohawk College) named Roy Stilts (played by Spencer Robson). Roy is Hamilton born and raised (his father used to have a store on Barton Street). He has a shaved head and boundless enthusiasm and he just loves everything about the city. Sanders is not fond of Hamilton. Or is he? What are the mysterious phone calls that Sanders Dillingham keeps making? And what really happened at the Devil’s Punchbowl?


Find the answer to these and other important questions (like: is Hamilton really The City of Waterfalls?) in “Commercials For Hamilton.” A 40-minute, two guy comedy. Secrets are withheld, secrets are told and the truth wins out. Because Hamilton is a place where the people are REAL.


hammertheatre presents

“Commercials For Hamilton”

a new play in one act written and directed by Sky Gilbert

starring: Abraham Asto and Spencer Robson

set and costumes by Kelly Wolf — lighting design and stage management by Stephen Newman

The Staircase Cafe Theatre 27 Dundurn Street North, Hamilton. Ontario

tickets: $15.00 box office: 905-529-3000

Preview: Thursday November 20th at 8pm.  Opening Night: Friday November 21st at 8pm

Closing Performance: Sunday November 30th at 3pm

Regular Performances:  Thursday – Saturday at 8pm and two Sunday matinees at 3pm

hammertheatre wishes to thank The University of Toronto’s Drama Centre, The Ontario Arts Council and The Ontario Trillium Foundation for their ongoing support.