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HFF (Feature): Goldirocks Sat 7pm Main Theatre

Goldirocks, – Wannabe rock star Goldi lands in a house of three musicians, one too hot, one too cold, and a third who seems just right. They let her sing with their band, and she romances them one at a time, thinking she’s found her new home. But when she unleashes her own songs on the guys, they cut her out of their scene, forcing her to discover that real success means becoming your own rock and roll hero) dir. Paula Tiberius Toronto, ONWith a great soundtrack featuring Hamilton’s own Teenage Head song hit “Let’s Shake,”

preceded by the music video Rot Rises to the Surface dir. Khalm H’erbin (Hamilton)

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HFF (Feature): Lucky Seven, Sat 9:30pm Theatre B

Leaving town was easy…coming back was murder.

This gritty neo-noir film is set in Hamilton featuring all the beauty and darkness the city offers up. dir. Stephen Hayes”Lucky 7″ is set in Hamilton where the Mob families that run the Province are jockeying for power in a changing landscape. Patrick Farley (Lucky 7) had left town years ago to keep a secret safe for the family, and no one could know anything about it. That’s the way the Mob wanted it as part of the deal to keep Lucky’s fathers name intact and the family still in control of The Emerald Isle Club.

Nine years later and thought to be dead, Lucky 7 has the money to set things right with mob boss Lucano, but when an old acquaintance, The Reverend, arranges a meeting for Lucky 7 to pay back his debt, things don’t go quite according to plan.

His mob debt isn’t the only one Lucky 7 has to pay when he gets back to town. The other debt is to his family for leaving them without a word. The family runs The Emerald Isle Club, the old pub Lucky’s dad started in the 50’s, and that’s the first place Lucky heads to upon his return. His brothers Brian and Alan are quick to accept him back but an old love named Sharon isn’t quite so ready. Neither is Frankie, Lucky’s younger brother who has committed himself to a life of crime.

Below the Emerald Isle Club is a storefront church where Lucky 7 falls for Julia, a beautiful organist who plays there and a few other places in town. Julia doesn’t care about his past and is only concerned about the here and now and she is willing to risk everything to help Lucky clear his name. The fire that burns within her helps light his way back home.

Can Lucky come to terms with choices he made in the past and build a better future?

Director Stephen Hayes and several cast / crew will be in attendance for a Q&A after the film

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HFF (Shorts) Hamilton Short Films, Fri 7pm Main Theatre

This is a small collection of Hamilton Films. Enjoy!

After She’s Gone (Drama) Guy liked a girl in high-school didn’t have confidence to tell her. Until one day he sees her at work, but finds out another girl likes him. Who does he choose dir. Graziano Mainfoli Hamilton ON

Love Sick (Dark Drama) A thrilling suspense ride as a young man struggles to deal with his overly possessive mother and his girlfriend. dir. Byron Wade Hamilton ON

UBBY: The Movie (Comedy) A depressed adolescent begs for a brighter day, however life keeps him at a stand still. dir. Mitchell Theriault Hamilton ON

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HFF (comedy): Fri 9:30pm Main Theatre

Un-rated films. Viewer discretion is advised. Heretical and crude indulgences guaranteed.

Behind the Camera A mockumentary about a turn-of-the-century Russian photographer who became famous without ever using a camera.dir. Darryl Gold

Sea Shells – Open your ears and listen to the sound…of evil. dir. Jesse MacMillan Canada

Soggy Bottom Funhouse – Cousin Zeke hosts a local children’s show from Soggy Bottom, Alabama dir. Ken Turner & Paul J. Boresky Hamilton ON

Loser Leg – I’ve always had strong arms. They have to become such if you are born with lame legs, without bones.” dir. Francesco Filippi Italy

Game Night – Dark secrets are revealed when a bizarre game starts playing the players. Geronimo Deadly a.k.a. Simon Box Canada

Finding Odo

Distilled Love – Hoping to fix the crack in their relationship, Rene locks himself and his hipster girlfriend, Emma, in their apartment.  His personal remedy for their woes is a weekend-long detox for Emma.  But as she experiences withdrawal, the couple discovers addiction is not the only problem they need to face. dir. Joe Kicak Canada

The Dark Show – There are some things you just don’t laugh at. Luckily, the Dark Show laughs at them for you. – Rated Dirty dir. Craig Rintoul Hamilton ON


Several filmmakers will be in attendance for a Q&A after the films.

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HFF (Dramatic Shorts): Thurs 7pm Main Theatre

Warning these shorts are un rated. Sexual content, violence and disturbing themes are likely if not guaranteed 

Asylum – When denied asylum in Canada, a soviet defector becomes increasingly alarmed about subsequent threats to his family – but the danger may not be as real as he believes. dir. Viki Posidis

Odds – Out of options and drowning in  the malaise of his mediocre existence,  John has decided to test fate and play the odds with his only remaining possession, his life. dir. Jeffery Scott Fowler Hamilton ON

Liminal – INA and JOY are naked and locked in a battle of elimination. INA must reverse the power to survive. Are they lovers or is JOY the “killer-within”? dir. Stephen Keep Mills Los Angeles, USA

Stuffer (Canadian Premier) – How far would you go to save your family. dir. Nathan Crooker NY, NY USA

For God and Ulster -A former terrorist seeks redemption from his therapist. dir. Gregory Breen, CANADA


Tinder -A struggling farm family deals with the aftermath of a drought. dir. Bryan Kowalsky CANADA

A Fork in the Road -Lisa, the adopted child of a gay couple is coming to dinner and she has some big news to share. dir. Navin Ramaswaran Toronto ON

The Prince’s Sword Parenting is letting go of what you love the most.dir. Melissa SkyVancouver BC

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HFF (Fest i Sode): Unique Views on Clubs and Sex, Thurs 9:30pm Theatre B

Unrated adult content and explicit scenes possible. 

Club Scene – A hotshot bartender experiences an early-life crisis when a mysterious girl forces him to reevaluate his cyclical lifestyle of binge drinking, body shots and gelled hair) Hamilton dir. Adriano Valentini NY, USA

The Bartender -A bartender who finds himself tangled up in a conversation about sex and friendship faces the ultimate question – can a guy and a girl be just friends?) Hamilton dir. Adriano Valentini NY, USA

Under-ager -When an under-age kid questions his sexuality, his older buddies give him some hillarious advice. Hamilton dir. Adriano Valentini NY, USA


Juxt1 – A Hamilton Film Fest original.  Each year a new filmmaker picks up.. (dir, Ken turner, Paul J Boresky) Juxt2 – where the previous story (dir. Jason Hofing) and premiering Juxt3 – left off (dir, Craig Watkins).

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HFF (Experimental) Juxt3 plus others Main Stage Wed 9:30pm

Juxt1 – A Hamilton Film Fest original.  Each year a new filmmaker picks up.. (dir, Ken turner, Paul J Boresky) Juxt2 – where the previous story (dir. Jason Hofing) and premiering Juxt3 – left off (dir, Craig Watkins).

From the Outer space through the Earth to Space, Video Tape, Move, The Birth of Cool, The Tree, The Whale and the Dog, Rest of Your Life, The Edifice Within, The Bird -Deconstructed, and IRIS Experimentlal video.

More info at

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HFF (Documentary) 3 Docs at Wed 7pm in Theatre B.

The Brush, The Pen & Recovery (documentary, 33min) Hamilton, ON. The artists at the Cottage Studio, a program for people with schizophrenia in Hamilton, prepare for a showing of their art at the Gallery on the Bay and discuss their schizophrenia, its impact on their lives and their struggles to recover.  Director  David Laing Dawson.  On the Mountain (documentary) Hamilton, ON. Chronicle over 200 years of history on Hamilton’s ‘mountain’. Director Gary Kaulback. If Only She Knew  A woman tries to fit in with what society portrays as beautiful, but doesn’t realize her true beauty within. Director Craig Chung.