The Chalice Theatre starring Cody Cipolla

22-April-2014 @ 23:00 – 23-April-2014 @ 01:00
Main Theatre
27 Dundurn Street North
Hamilton, ON L8R 3C9

Tickets available March 3rd online at $10 each

Poet and spoken-word artist Cody Cipolla takes to the stage to display his work in a way he never has before. In a new era of his creativity, Cody will present a riveting and theatrical performance of his forthcoming album “Chalice” and old favorites. “Chalice” is described by Cody as journey of self-love. It is a harness that carries you through the journey of honoring your innocence and cherishing your eternal youth, desire, and power.

“The Chalice Theatre” is a meek, but vivid performance of powerful poetry revolving around these themes. In a night at The Chalice Theatre, Cody delivers these messages through engaging with the audience about the trials of finding love for themselves and for each other. The Chalice Theatre addresses the struggles and successes of honoring your soul and your body. Cody encourages the audience to pursue self-honor, and shares his personal stories, beliefs and ideas with the audience through the poetic word in the hopes to inspire them to look at themselves in a new light.

Through engaging visuals and communicative performance, The Chalice Theatre will celebrate the true art of poetry, the mind and the body and the exchange of life between these two things.

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