8-June-2017 @ 10:00 – 12:00
In the fall of 2016 and again in March, religious leaders joined me for a morning of improv and meaningful fun, laughter and fellowship at the Elaine Mae Studio Theatre in Hamilton. I’m delighted to be doing it again!
The deets:
Thursday June 8th 2, 2017
Elaine Mae Theatre (right beside Staircase Theatre)
27 Dundurn Street North
Hamilton, ON
9:30 – 11:00am
Refreshments and light snacks provided.
No charge.
IMPROV? Yes, improv. Go on, it will be fun!

Holy Improv Participants Learn:

  • The basic rules of Improvisational Comedy
  • Some classic games to build confidence, communication, teamwork and listening skills.
  • How to support other people’s ideas and initiatives.
  • How to use these games to study, bring to life and discover meanings in sacred texts.
  • Tap creativity, think intuitively
  • Cultivate the ability to think on your feet and deal with unpredictable situations (or, what you do everyday)
  • How to revitalize Talmud/Bible/Qur’an Study!
  • Your teens, empty nesters and perennially difficult board members will all enjoy tapping creativity and spontaneous imagination.

Bring your fellow members, invite other religious leaders in the community and spread the word. Being an improv workshop/creativity session for those of all faiths and beliefs, all are welcome to laugh, play and connect.

We live in a time when connection and communication is vitally important and this interactive, engaging morning will inspire and delight you.

PLEASE join us for what will be an incredibly creative and innovative workshop. We’ll laugh, connect and communicate in a very unique way.
A bit of background:
I’m a graduate of Toronto’s Second City Improv and Sketch Writing Conservatory Program. I teach improv at the Staircase Theatre and run creative communication workshops using the tools and techniques of improv. I do this extensively in education, healthcare and business sectors. Recent workshops are STAN (Science and Technology Awareness Network), Red Cross Red Crescent organization in Oxford England, Engineers Without Borders, U of T Physics Department, Microsoft Corp, Huffington Post, St. Joseph’s Youth Wellness Ctr, Routes Youth Centre, Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy, American Society of Civil Engineers and McMaster Engineering.
Last spring I was one of the writers who spoke at Hamilton’s Six Minute Memoir where I described the profound effect of improv and creativity. I spoke to Unitarian Minister Victoria Ingram about my wish to develop a workshop for Hamilton’s clergy of all faiths and Holy Improv was born!
“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people” – Victor Borge
See you on June 8th!
Kind Regards,
Nancy Watt
Twitter: @nancyWatt1

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